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Photography Tammie Pittwood

"This lady works complete wonders!! When finding a florist I was not sure on what I wanted. She was able to sit down with me and give ideas of what she thought would suit. What she came through, completely set the scene for our wedding! Comments are still coming in about how incredible everything was flower wise ! Would recommend her to any bride or any occasion she is worth it and an amazing just general lovely lady to work with . Thank you again for everything you did for us"                               Maxyna and Callum

Full Service


I was recently told by a client, how thrilled she was that she did not have to worry about any of the floral details, about the arch hire, the delivery, and dealing with coordination with other vendors. All those nitty-gritty's she didn't have the time to work through. She could not believe everything was taken care of, even pack down the next day.

If you are wanting a similar experience, full service is for you. 

It all begins with an initial consultation where we listen to your ideas and vision for your wedding. We then take your ideas and we come up with an original design that reflects you as a couple.

The biggest concern we find couples have is budget. How much to spend on flowers, and how much flowers cost. The answer is, it varies! So much depends on the time of year, the flowers of choice, the quantity of flowers, the size of arch flower arrangements, table flowers, it really is up to you. But we understand you have no idea where to start, so let us know your budget, and we will be upfront and honest with you as to what we can achieve within this. Through experience and a few wedding hacks, we can help achieve your dream wedding, with what you are comfortable spending.


We can't wait to meet you, hear about your day, your ideas and come up with an in-depth proposal of flowers we recommend for your day and the style we can create for you. Promising what we will deliver is something you will be thrilled with.


We often have clients who do not require us to deliver and set-up their wedding flowers and are just wanting to have a family member collect them on the day. We are more than happy to assist with this also.

We can arrange the bouquets, the tables flowers, even a simple arch arrangement that can be tied onto your arch easily by friends or family.

Everything is carefully wet-packed and boxed up with clear directions on how to care for the flowers before you walk down the aisle.

Flick us through some inspiration of what you love and we can put together a quote for you to have a look over. 

No drama's, no stress. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Photography by Abi Hackling

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have a price list?

A. We do have a "Price Guide", which we can send on request. This is only a basic guideline to help you form a flower budget. Your flowers will be completely different from anyone else's, that is the beauty of wedding flowers. They are custom designed and specifically ordered for your wedding. Flowers fluctuate in wholesale price, due to demand, the time of year and the seasonal availability. The price of your arrangements will also vary with the design. If you are loving the look of an all flowers, no greenery bouquet, the price will be higher than the later. Likewise, if you wanting an arch covered with flowers, this will be considerably more expensive than an arch with a small arrangement in the corner.

Please be vary of price comparing quotes, as one quote may be a tad lower than another, but they have planned on working with half the quantity of flowers than another florist has planned on.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

A. Yes, for full service we have a $3000 minimum (plus travel costs). We can only take on one full service per day, hence needing a minimum charge. 

For collection weddings, no minimum charge

Q. Do you offer contracts

A. Absolutely, we view this an absolute must. For both your peace of mind and ours.

Q.  Do you hire out props? ie, arch, containers, vases, urns, pillars etc?

A. We have a small selection of props available for hire with your wedding flowers. But prefer not to take away this service from other vendors who specialize in this area in our region.

Q. Where do you source your flowers?

A. We custom order our flowers from a selection of wholesalers to get the best product and best prices possible. We use a wholesaler here in New Plymouth, a couple local specialized growers, and two buyers up at the UFG flower markets in Auckland. They are our eyes and ears of the more unique flowers available.

Q. Will my quote change or increase closer to the date? I'm nervous as I have heard flowers price fluctuate.

A. No, we lock in a figure you are happy with. This will not change. If flower prices are low that week, it's a bonus for you.

Q. Can you arrange my wedding bouquet into a dried flower arrangement afterwards?

A. Yes, we would love to be able to recreate your flowers into a wreath, wall hanging or vase. Please see our shop section for ideas. 

If there are any questions you have that are not mentioned here, please feel free to email them through and we will be more than happy to answer them.