Planning a wedding in a Pandemic

Well, only 8 months ago I would never have imagined I would be writing a blog in regards to the world having completely shutdown and severe limitations of peoples biggest day planned in their lives. The wedding and event industry has been turned on its head worldwide. Its been an extremely nervous and anxious time for both couples and businesses in the wedding world. Fortunately, the timing was a little better for us in the southern hemisphere, as opposed to our event vendor friends in Europe, the US and other northern hemisphere countries as they entered their wedding summer season.

So what does the future look like for weddings? While no one can say for sure. Industry leaders are starting to see trends emerging and peoples viewpoint of that one special day change.

Fran and Dylan were married in 2019, a small wedding with 40 guests, a truly magical day

Photo Hanna Andrews

The northern hemisphere is predicting that 2021 will be huge for the wedding industry as couples have pushed out their dates and rescheduled. In New Zealand, I would say we are to expect 2022 to be HUGE as 2021 is still too close for comfort for us.

Speaking to couples, they are confident in putting down deposits for this far out. In 2022 there will be couples that are newly engaged, planning their wedding anyway, the couples who have pushed out their 2021 to 2022 due to travel restrictions and just being overall nervous about the situation. Then we have those who sadly had to postpone their wedding from this year. All vendors would agree in the heartache we felt for our couples and how quickly their dreams were shattered, as well as ours. We pour our heart and souls into what we plan.

In saying this 2021 is still looking steady for Pineapple Sage, as New Zealand seems to be fortunate enough to be in a bit of a bubble and not as nearly affected as the rest of the world, and as we have seemed to do well at containing any outbreaks, we can plan weddings with relative confidence.

And people still want to get married! If anything, this pandemic has got people thinking what is really important sealing the deal with your best friend.

But couples are scaling back on their requirements with florals. According to BBC news, the search results “Simple” are up 272% on 2019. And this can follow through on flowers. Even before covid hit, we saw more of a minimalistic trend, especially for table florals. Simple ikebana styled arrangements, with 1 or 3 stems of flowers and simple candles along with a few props create a stunning and elegant scene. This is a great option if finances are on peoples minds.

Photo The Velveteen Collective

“Minimony” is a new term being coined in the wedding industry, and many are opting for these smaller, intimate weddings, with close family and friends. Smaller weddings were starting to trend, with a fewer head count, bringing down the cost of entertaining many guests. So couples who are a bit nervous about locking in a big wedding, but do not want to wait around for post covid, this is both a wise and beautiful option.

“Couples are able to make their wedding even more personalized than originally planned and that’s one trend industry experts expect to stink around long past the pandemic”. Digiday – Kristina Monllos

Photo Tammie Pittwood

If you are a couple where you’re fortunate enough to have had no budget issues, but are now re-evaluating your day and actually loving the idea of a smaller wedding, this gives room for more elaborate, detailed, full arrangements. Think big flowing floral arrangements in beautiful urn vessels, delicate table runners, candles, and other props, setting the scene for a truly special small dinner party. Get creative and involve your vendors in some new ideas.

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Another option being discussed is the idea of a New Zealand elopement. With so many stunning locations we have in this incredible country, couples are seeing the benefit of this and there are a few switched on vendors around the place making this so much easier for ones to plan. @coastalelopementco are a duo team where they take care of everything for you, the location, the hair and makeup, the photography etc. So if you’re just wanting to get married, without any drama, go this way for sure!

Photo Tammie Pittwood

It is such a tricky time for both couples and those in the wedding industry. As things are somewhat restricted, think about what you really want, remember YOU CAN STILL GET MARRIED! And if you don’t the opportunity to have that huge shindig you always dreamed of, throw an even better one in the future! Keep the ideas flowing, keep the excitement going.

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